HiTV Old Version download [Get Compatible App For Free]

HiTV Old Version download [Get Compatible App For Free] Limited Features

Why are viewers also interested in the HiTV Old Versions among the updated interface? Plenty of reasons are Easy to use and compatible with lower-end gadgets, Secure and Safe content without technical glitches, Weekly compliance of user’s engagements and data consumption and more data provides an easy structure for users.

With the passage of frequent challenges, HiTV also keeps updating its rivals on working mechanisms to compete with other premium streaming platforms, whether selecting the latest features like in-depth updated versions are bringing somehow popular traits in every platform to secure the user privacy, up-to-date content and interface.

Why HiTV Old Version Best One

Somehow, latest technologies also encounter updated inter mechanism of any stream program but some lovers of movies and web series also choose the old version of some entertainment applications so here are enlisted reasons that force viewers to enjoy the content on the old edition.

Secure Integration

Not having any burden on viewers to move to the latest version while sometimes compatibility bugs or errors also create multiple issues of integration and manipulation of the system requirements, therefore most of the users also stick with this oldest version.

Fully Performances

Some crucial facts remove the inner functionalities of the updated version and cause the dissatisfaction of movie lovers due to having loss of lower consumption device health, certain options unavailability and some other necessary parts.

Policies Moderation

After the launching of the latest and updated version, some policies of the app were missed during the working functions like lower display results of the live stream, not having access to the playlist option, and limited downloads as acquiring the premium membership plans.

Diverse Features of Old Edition

Offering the moded traits in Hitv old version keeps the simple interface with multiple attributes likewise updated Content with fast download, making playlists to save future content and watching it offline, so a diversity of content and extra features also have positive traits on the previous edition.

Enable Customization

Adjusting the live video playing setting options such as Sound, Playback, Previous and Next icon placement Brightness, double speed of video and many options can also be enabled in the prior edition.

Frequent Updated

Without pursuing the premium or latest version, Viewers can get the updated content library on the first user space with auto notification and clicking on the search bar to get the new movies and animated content.

Without Watermark

Sometimes save the videos throughout private stream platforms but among the videos appearing a watermark little bit creates confusion from the new version, to secure these simple errors viewers can also download the videos from the HiTV Old Version.

Download icon

Unlimited quantities of recreational content within a simple interface where users can enjoy the content without restrictions and limited options for movie downloading, so choose a resolution like 720P, or 1080p and save it on the device.

Low Buffering

Few options for applying them through visiting the settings which help to reduce the loading time while watching movies, and web series a smooth stream also encourages the satisfaction of the user.


Its older version works globally as don’t need any premium or free VPN services to access the versatile content library of variable categories, all the content areas within this app are now available in this edition without any charges.

Installation of HiTV Old Version

Most versions of Android apps don’t exist on the Play Store or App Store while by visiting this official website consumers can download the program without any difficulties, so here are the simple techniques that must be followed before installation setup.

  • Initially open the mobile browser and click twice on the Search Icon to place the app name
  • Just land on our official platform and download the old version
  • Before installing, must change your gadget setting option to “Unknown Sources”
  • Now after the complete file download, Click the ok Install button and get your ready file with unlimited features and streaming quantity.

Exploring Some errors

  • Kind of technical problems also involve the Entertainment platforms and similar to these functions users face installation errors during the running of the previous edition.
  • Internet Unstable: Also watch the higher resolution stream, must necessary stable internet and acquire it at the start of the program setup.
  • Not Reliable Edition: Somehow disconnect and Incompatibility and the user can move into the previous second last version to run smooth mechanism.

Pros and Cons


  • Lower-end devices are sometimes incompatible with the app’s latest updates, therefore old users can enjoy the old edition of the app easily.
  • Simple User Spicy area and every working test verified through the viewers and they prefer to use this one.


  • Most updates of stream apps cover advanced activities, but old versions don’t have this access.
  • Multiple Errors or malware issues also trouble your device.


Can I download the Old Version of the HiTV App?

Sure various platforms are applicable for providing the latest version, so you can visit this official site to enjoying the old content and features.

Is High Television virus-free?

After scanning its file version into different locations still didn’t have any virus problems.