HiTV APK Download Free July 2024 [Latest & Updated Version]

HiTV APK Download Free [Latest & Updated Version] Extra Features







HiTV offers a standard leverage for watching the latest and upcoming Korean movies, along with lengthy episodes of TV series. Numerous updated K-dramas appear on the user end space, with a wide selection of languages available to ease viewing. Features include unlimited options such as one-click downloading procedures and a search bar for viewers to enhance their streaming experience and find their favorite shows easily.

HiTV APK shows Korean-based movies and other entertainment series on the user’s homepage. The diversification of content velocity is available in a single place and throughout the world, including Japan, Korea, the USA, and other locations. Lovers of entertainment can enjoy untapped movies and content in various languages for free, without needing to purchase any subscription plan, as this program offers unlimited content.

Latest Attributes of HiTV APK

Providing Numerous TV series and Thousands of Korean ultra-quality movies with free versions as didn’t acquire to users who pay nothing tenny while offering diverse ranging content, gained a distinct among the popular streaming applications, each category is well adjustable and hardly requires any new viewers to understand the user interface within the few minutes as also having a lot of features through which movies lovers also get a better audience of properties within the inner functionalities.

Diverse Collection

Especially the working mechanism of a diversified collection of unlimited Movies, TV Shows, and Series throughout the facilities of premium countries like Korea, Japan, China, and some others, Users enhance their visuality through its popular Entertainment material with effortless internet connectivity.

No Ads

Facing no errors of live movies or streams continuously pausing viewers face a few difficulties while they watch their favorite content but this Korean app offers the all data without advertisements during the latest videos and most users also don’t face any interruption.

Liberated Access

to the unmarked, the above shows complimentary ideas that this latest program also allowed multiple lovers to enhance their visuality with premium content without paying any amount because it offers unlimited features for free access like various upcoming or newly uploaded movies or live highlights.

Live Customization

Wheater Multiple software in a certain way doesn’t access to approach the edition or customizing features, whereas if you’re using this application then it permits you that change the video resolution, colour ideas, adjust the sound, and make it better sound experiment.

Offline Content

Mostly some personalities as job officers somehow didn’t have almost free exposure time spending to watch online movies and drama series therefore unveiling the many arguments for watching offline without a heavy internet connection because you watch it offline by saving to watch later.

Device Compatibility

Another important feature of this online streaming application is its compatibility with various types of devices, including Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, laptop, FireStick, Chromecast, Android TV, and more. Viewers can experience this application by watching their desired content on any device they own.

Western Content

Now, with the latest version of this movie application, we can stream Western content along with Korean content. There is a huge amount of high-quality data from various premium countries, including China, the US, Japan, Australia, and many more, which are also free to watch

Search History

When we search for any movie, drama, news, or other data, this app saves our search history. Now, we are able to check out our previous search history anytime and anywhere. We can also permanently remove our previous search history.

Dubbed Content

In the new version of the Hi TV APK, there is a huge library of dubbed content available, including movies, famous web series, drama episodes, news, and much more from different premium countries, including Korea. We can watch all this content in any language that we can easily understand. So, while watching the video, you can change the dubbed language as needed.

Other Commendable Features of HiTV

Easy interaction, unlimited theme characteristics, and more availability force viewers to extend this latest built-in featuring app over the world, There well-categorised user-friendly front space that somehow limits the user that can find their preferences while also divisions of easy search bar icon on the top header list, through which approach your desired movies and tv series. To Complexities of unlimited inner working attributes for viewers, we enlisted top-notch built-in features.

No Login/Signup

Meanwhile, it’s developing larger opportunities for media and Entertainment lovers after installing the official and latest version it is not necessary to first put your email or password credentials at the entrance of the Content library.

Limited Navigational

Taking next into the other library by using the easy and limited navigational process as somehow unlimited content creates hard usage to arrive at their favorite material while this simple interface breaks the complexities into the easiest way of the navigational procedure.

Updated library

Shortly individually changes the friendly interface like uploading or appearing the new or next coming movies, TV series, and dramas in the conditions of suitable popup notification which shows on the screen so after that it will show as soon it possible inform viewers about latest findings.

Subtitles Support

How is it possible that a Korean Movie or TV shows-based application is something holding an advanced standard and enables you to also benefit from the subtitle features that is why understanding on-screen snap capturing to excel the visual expressions.

High Resolution

Unveiling the higher quality streaming HD results in each step controversy as having very older version device but also choosing the higher resolution clarity, in a common way enables other larger devices that are conveniently compatible with lower quality gadgets and offer the 1080P, 720P, someway from the 4k clarifications.


Whether visiting the official site or application of, Mod Version where this icon of language selection, after hitting this icon huge audience can select their listening or understanding language as Korean, Japanese, Arabia, and other multilingual support.

Search Bar

It kind easy access to favorite content like movies, k-dramas, and series as well latest news through the updated or working field of the search bar, by using this type your minded queries and get it like without effort.

Installation Process of HiTV Along Devices

Ending the user’s ability somehow newbies face difficulties during the installation process of HiTV on variable devices like Desktop, Macbooks, laptops, and other adaptations. In a certain way some confusion that this latest version is compatible with larger screens, so be live with this detailed guidance as we discuss the complete easy steps through which anyone can install any Entertainment Program on multiple devices.

For Android

  • Before downloading on Play Store or this official site, must confirm that you have at least a stable internet connection, Then also move to your device setting with a minimum version of 4.4 Android.
  • Open your device browser and click on “Search Bar”, Type the Application Name like “HiTV” tape on enter and search this query
  • After the completion, various results will appear on your screen and pick one of these official Platforms to get the Latest and Updated Version.
  • Landing on any platform, hit the Download Button and wait for a few seconds and the automatically downloading process will start and complete.
  • After doing this function, move to the Install Button and if you already did the setting of Unknown Sources then you can manually do this complexity
  • After a few seconds of wait the installation procedure will complete and now you can access the live program on your device.

For PC

  • Taking this installing method of HiTV For PC assures that you have already downloaded and installed any light-speed or ultra-fast working Android Emulator to run your software on windows operated system
  • If you don’t have Emulator, go to your web browser like Chrome or Opera, Click on Search Bar laber for typing your exploration like MemuPlay and Blue Stacks
  • Now open your Emulator and hit the already installed Play Store Icon, navigate to the search icon
  • Write the specific App name on the search field, then press the enter button to run it next stage, After the time shortage multiple results appear on the front Space.
  • Choose one of them like firstly showing the App, before downloading must check continuously Internet Connection
  • Click on the Download Button, after this somehow process moves forward, locate you to save your files on the specific system
  • Now move on to your locate files location and tap twice to install the Entertainment program, which somehow acquires the screen security permission to the completion.
  • After the installation, open it with high connectivity and get your favourite watching amusement material.


  • Most iPhone lovers also find and search for the easiest method to download and install the latest Entertainment Applications to enjoy the live stream with effortless
  • First, open your App Store, Move to Search Icon, Type your software name and apply it to show multiple results.
  • After the appearing of numerous ideas according to your investigations, pick the best one of them and click on the larger box of Get or Download
  • After the download is completed, move to the folder in files and pick your already downloaded HITV latest version
  • Click again and again, then install it and allow some restrictions, finally, your latest streaming app is done and ready to watch it for movies and shows.

Safety & Compliance

Such as unlimited opportunities to discover throughout the safe and secure usage of this latest app because it doesn’t harm your data protection like locking your privacy details chat under the functionalities as well as safe and secure your internal facilities as its availability on Play Store assures that this Android Application is safe and secure to protect your data without harming your device.

Simply showing that end-to-end encryption among the user conservation or communication with the security as didn’t access your privacy data by the developers. This app enables you you modify your secure complexities with your security confirmations by fetching them without manually making harmful errors on your device through the latest findings.


In the ending words appears that HiTV looks like the best alternative to premium software in the Entertainment industry which offers worldwide free streaming and also enlisted in free movies watching apps under the free stability, throughout the larger content coverage somehow getting better positive reviews especially in the korean countries like Japan and Chinese. While also securing your availability with the safety sons and something as divisions of the latest reminders on your front space.


Is HiTV not available in India?

Especially functionalities under the premium Korean countries provide the latest K-Dramas and Movies for specific these located users so it properly not available in India and some other Countries but it can be accessed through the usage of a VPN

Is the HITV App Free?

Yes by using this latest app, you can watch free Korean movies and TV series without buying any subscription plan.

Is HiTV a Safe App?

Yes it’s very suitable with lower devices and secure to your adaptation so move to install its latest version by enabling the unknown sources

Can I download Movies from HiTV?

After approaching your favourite other movies or live TV series, appearing the download icon under the video, just click on this icon and then you can download it conveniently to watch content without the internet.