HiTV Marry My Husband [Watch & Free Download]

HiTV Marry My Husband [Watch & Free Download] All Episodes

Want to enjoy the popular Korean Streaming drama series or movies somehow one of them is “Marry My Husband” which is almost published for viewing on different Entertainment channels as Netflix, HiTV and another programs whether consumers of High Television can watch and enjoy the free content on this app.

Nominated as a web novel which is similar to webtoon, Enlisted also on TVING and Amazon Prime Videos, Written by famous writers contains “Song Ha Yoon”, “Park Min Young” Shin yoo-Dam and Lee-Yi-kyung. In the starting of series in 2023, Kang Ji Won faced an cancer disease, Her husband “Park Min Hawn” caughted by her wife with her bed rest with other friend, through this Ji Won killed by her husband.

Information of Marry My Husband

After the murder Ji-Won came back in duration of 2013 for following her father late spirits, likewise same intention she felt with similar qualities. After few researches, realized that discover her life transfer her miss happening with others. So here is also an summarized information through which late consumers can pick the data easily.

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Popular Cast of this Movies

  • Park Min-young as kang-Ji-Won
  • Song Ha-Yoon as Jeong Soo-Min
  • Lee Yi-Kyeong (Park Min-Hwan)
  • Choi gyu-ri (Yoo Hee-Yeon)
  • kim Joong-Hee (Kim Kyung-wook)
  • Nicole Fong (Kang Ji-Won)
  • Anzu lawson (Kim Ja Ok)
  • Andrew Grace as yoo ji-hyeok
  • Darren Keilan (Baek Eun-ho)

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User Reviews

  • Watching this on consumers opinions, after the first funny episode you will also love for waiting regular episodes.
  • Highly focused content and grab the attraction of user to enjoy this.
  • About 80% Audience liked this Korean Drama Series.
  • Extra efforts performed scenes among the top casters.


How many Episodes of HiTV Marry My Husband published now?

Weekly two episodes on Monday and Tuesday and also have 16 total episodes viewable on Prime or HiTV channel.

Is Marry My Husband have a happy end?

Somehow its ending scenes retains as uncertanity while Kang-ji-Won try to get revenge of her husband through the help of Yoo-Ji.